New Year Intentions

Total Balance’s Idea of Health and How to Reset

FACT: Everyone has the intention of improving their health on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, however, things get in the way and it’s often the FIRST thing that gets put to the side. Career demands, family and financial reasons are all factors that we allow to affect our health. What we really require is to have a healthy body and mind to cope with these stressors. Pain can also be a big reason for you to give up your daily activities, but it doesn’t need to be the way.

Once we have set an intention of what we want from our body and mind, it is so much easier to direct our training and hobbies to be effective and enjoyable.  It may be as simple as being able to run with the kids or be able to garden for a few hours without crippling back pain. Once you have your goals in place, the next step is to seek the correct advice on how to best attain them.

The top three tips we advise clients to think about when it comes to their health are:

1.    Prevention is a lot easier than curing an injury, so make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to prevent an injury. This may include choosing the correct footwear, changing your mindset around a certain exercise, or making sure you have a full range of a certain joint.

2.    Slow and steady wins the race: don’t go too hard too soon. It’s simple- this is where injuries happen. We see so many people push themselves beyond their limits, resulting in injury that sets their training back even further than when they began. Set ambitious and realistic goals and then a training plan that will get you to each milestone pain-free!

3.    Sleep- it’s often overrated but can be magic in replenishing your body and mind.  If your sleep hygiene is poor it can result in weight gain, high blood pressure, decrease the immune system’s power and contribute to many mental health conditions including depression. Just a few extra hours before midnight can have a life-changing effect.

Best of luck for 2023 from Milly and the TB team.