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  • At TOTAL BALANCE PHYSIO our physiotherapists utilises the most appropriate and advanced techniques to gain and maintain your optimal physical health. We treat a large range of health and fitness issues including: • Sports injuries, • Spinal and Posture • Post Surgery Rehabilitation • Physiotherapy for seniors with focus on osteoporosis and arthritis • Women’s […]

  • Clinical Pilates focuses attention on core postural muscles that keep the human body balanced and provide support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and of alignment of the spine and strengthen the deep torso and abdominal muscles. By awakening these muscles the rest of the body is able to gain […]

  • Your physiotherapist will take you through a 40 minute 4:1 clinical pilates class. This is only available to current TB clinical pilates clients as we will be following your independent program as closely as possible. They are a great way to continue to treat your conditions in a safe and effective way. Nothing can ever […]

  • If you need treatment for any acute or chronic injuries virtual appointments will get you back on track. Our virtual appointments have been very popular and have received some great feedback. **IMPORTANT – There is no gap payment for EPC appointments and we are excited to announce that most health insurances will cover these consults as Telehealth. […]

  • At TOTAL BALANCE physiotherapy we are committed to treating women’s health issues in whatever stage of life you are. We are also keen to help mothers bounce back, regain balance in life and enjoy this exciting time in their lives by offering to treat any problems they might encounter for example: • Pelvic and low […]

  • At TOTAL BALANCE Physio we offer Remedial, sports, Pre/Post Natal and Relaxation massages conducted by professionally trained massage therapists who work closely with the physiotherapists. The massage will be tailored to your needs and preferences in a safe, calming and professional environment whether they are muscular pains or just the need for a little pampering.

  • Some of our therapists use the Real Time Ultrasound to assess and treat lumber spine and pelvic girdle conditions.  It allows for a much more detailed assessment and helps the client to identify and activate deep “core ” muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles.  Dysfunction of these muscles is common for those suffering from low […]

  • Dry Needling is a form of treatment that enables the therapist to release stubborn trigger points, reduce pain and increase blood flow to injury sites therefore promoting a faster healing process. Our trained physiotherapists can incorporate this technique into your treatment.

  • Injury Prevention and Increasing Performance There may be a reason why you may not be playing to your optimal level.  Your physical ability may be limiting your capacity to achieve the most efficient swing for your body.  Find out what may be disrupting your day on the course. At Total Balance, we offer a TPI […]

  • Running assessments at Total Balance. These are suitable for every runner from elite ultra trail runners to triathletes to the recreational jogger to ball sport players. It covers running racing and training history, injury history, a range of movement and strength testing battery, running gait analysis in real time and video, gait retraining, strength exercise prescription […]