Workstation set up plays a vital role in both your quality of health and productivity. Win Win really !

Current evidence suggests introducing more walking and movement breaks throughout the day to promote better health and reduce fatigue and pain. So get moving people! With no travel time involved in your day you now have no excuses!!

Below is our advice for an optimal workstation set up :

  • Once comfortable in the chair, make sure to adjust the height where feet are resting on floor or on footrest.
  • Arms should rest parallel on desk making sure elbow and wrist are in line. Avoid hitching from shoulders. Sit back comfortably and rest backrest in to a neural recline position (100deg hip flexion).
  • Looking ahead at your screen, make sure that monitor is positioned an arm’s reach away, or a comfortable visual distance. Your visual gaze should fall to the top third of the screen to maintain a neutral neck position. If you are wearing multifocal glasses, the screen needs to be lowered.
  • A correct keyboard and mouse configuration is imperative. Make sure to position these two items approximately 20cm from the edge of desk to avoid over reaching. 
  • Taking adequate movement breaks throughout the day can promote better health, and guidelines encourage a minute break every 30 – 60 minutes. Our challenge to you- 10 Burpees!

If you are still suffering from shoulder and back pain post ticking all the above boxes book a virtual appointment with one of our therapists and we will talk you through some great stretches to combat the pain.

This may be your office for the next few months so don’t put up with the niggles.

Written by Milly Gunther, Physiotherapist