We asked some of our staff what their goals are for 2020.

Have a read below for some inspiration …

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1. Declutter

2. Volunteer for an organisation

3. Learn a new skill- running???

4. Move the body every day

5. Get better at meal prep

6. Eat more plants.

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1. Finish the Melbourne to Warnambool Cycling race Feb 15

2. Compete in some of the Victorian Cycling Road Series

3. Travel to see family throughout Aus/Switzerland

4. Read a fictional book at least every couple of weeks

5. Continue to do pilates/strength-based sessions 2 x weekly

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1. To maintain a work, life, family & self Balance.

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1. To regain her strength post having son Max.

2. Start to regain work/family/life balance.

3. Focus on Womens health for 2020 professional development.

4.  Complete 5 min meditation daily.