With 3 sites in Melbourne these guys already have a huge following and definitely know feet.  They had a go answering our 3 BIG questions and we think you are going to like what they have to say.

WHO needs to head to the Foot Centre Group?

Everyone essentially! Our feet play a pivotal role and it is important to have your feet assessed. We can take our feet for granted and forget at times just how much we rely on them.  At FCG, we aim to not only treat, but to educate and rehabilitate our clients. We have recently expanded our scope of practice and now deliver a Strength and Conditioning space at Moorabbin, to ensure we can not only fix, but strengthen patients to avoid recurrence of injuries. We treat any disorder of the lower limb – this can include pressure pain (corns or callous) from shoes, or from an unusual walking or running style. Pain due to ingrowing toenails, or concerns about the appearance of nails. You may have a child who is not reaching typical movement milestones, or is “clumsier” than the others and you are wondering if it is due to a problem in their feet. You might be about to start a fitness journey – aiming for a big walk or run, or try a hike and would like a running assessment or a check of your gait or advice on your footwear.

WHAT motivates the FCG team?

We love to Treat, Educate, and Rehabilitate our clients. Our core purpose is “keeping you moving”. Our core values represent who we are as individuals and as podiatrists and what we provide for our clients. This is what motivates us on a daily basis. Our values are a reflection of how we live out each day at FCG.

1. work together, grow together -we collaborate

2. Seek to understand – we are active listeners

3. Deliver your best – we are trusted and strive to be our collective best

4. Above and Beyond – we go above and beyond to make an impact

We are a versatile and varied bunch of foot, ankle and lower limb assesors – we have a Hawaiin ironwoman, a past Australian elite netballer, an athletic specialist, childhood specialists (aka mums!), and sports weekend warriors. Combined, our motivation is to have you moving free of pain no matter what motivates you to move – be that getting from A-B in daily life, or a special sporting goal.

WHAT’s a typical appt at FCG?

At FCG group we take pride in delivering a great client experience. Your experience starts from the moment you visit our clinic.  We have ten podiatrists over three different locations (Bluff Rd Medical Centre – Sandringham, Moorabbin and Edithvale) If it is your first visit to us we will work through a comprehensive assessment regarding your presenting concern and will focus on establishing a treatment journey towards your desired goal.  We will then work through and provide you with a management plan which will outline your presenting concern, the likely cause, along with expected timeframes and outcomes.

Following your initial consultation we have a good “play” with your feet, either treating your nails and skin, or checking your muscles, joints and bones in your feet and lower limbs. We also like to get you up walking, running, and moving to watch your movement patterns and see where we can improve things. We may adjust insoles in shoes or modify current orthotics in our onsite orthotic lab, or we may write you a strength and conditioning program to address identified deficits.