Sleep Better – tips to improve your sleeping

When people come to us with sleeping issues it’s mainly because

1. The position puts strain on some parts of your body


2. Your body feels unsupported or can move around too easily ie. Your nervous system can’t relax.

FACT: It is a well-known practice in various cultures to calm infants by immobilizing them in a wrapped blanket or papoose wrap. Being supported in this way has a neurological calming effect.

This theory also works for adults.

The key is to keep you as neutral as possible while also making your body feel as supported as possible.

You are more likely to roll when lying on your back, which makes some people feel less supported.

The remedy is this: Lie on your back and slide one hand under your pillow, preferably under your head.

If you have a good enough memory foam pillow you will be able to ‘pin’ your hand comfortably flat under your head. Having your arm like this prevents you from rolling to much side to side thus stabilizing your body and making it easier to get to, and stay, asleep.

If you really hate sleeping on your back check out the military crawl position. Caution: your neck position.

And lastly Our Memory Foam Pillows- They are simply the best!

They are our number one selling product because once one family member has one- so will the rest of the family. They are fully adjustable for your shoulder height and sleeping position. Make sure you ask the girls at the desk or your therapist about them when you are next in.  They don’t cost the earth either! $95 and they last 3yrs. Think about how much you spend on Physio and massage consults for a sore neck- no brainer really.