As cyclists, there is nothing better than spending time out on the bike. Whether your riding consists of swapping off, dropping your mates, going for strava segments, racing, commuting to work or exploring roads lesser known, most of us love to ride for the pure enjoyment it gives us. It’s even better because it’s often spent with our friends then we can kick back for a yarn over at our favourite local cafe. 

While our current restrictions have left us to either ride indoors, ride solo or simply not ride at all, this is a perfect time to focus on something many don’t prioritise enough.

Our physiotherapist Hannah is an avid cyclist who will lead a 4 week pilates for cyclists course. 

For forty minutes, you can follow along and expect a mixture of spinal mobility exercises, muscle activation work and muscle lengthening. This will have a clear focus on areas of particular importance to people who ride bikes, no matter their abilities or reasons for riding. 

Expand your home exercise repertoire to nourish your body now and into the future. 



Tuesday 1pm and 7pm

40 minutes

$15 per session

Book in via our pilates online button in our menu above.