Injury Prevention and Increasing Performance

There may be a reason why you may not be playing to your optimal level.  Your physical ability may be limiting your capacity to achieve the most efficient swing for your body.  Find out what may be disrupting your day on the course.
At Total Balance, we offer a TPI Golf Screen which includes:
  • A series of functional tests to assess your biomechanics leading to possible physical limitations that may be impacting your golf swing.
  • You will receive a detailed report of your results including a golf fitness handicap.
  • A video analysis of your swing will be done.  This will show swing characteristics you may have and how we will work together with your golf professional.
Your next appointment will be focused on an exercise program that will be individually customised for you based on the results of your TPI Golf Screen and Golf swing analysis.

Golf Fitness Classes are offered throughout the year.

Cost $130