Our top 6 tips for fitting a School bag.

With kids these days having to carry their whole bedroom to school each day you can understand why they complain of back pain. So tomorrow when the kids are running out the door stop them and make sure their school bag a) has only the necessary items in there and b) fitted correctly.

These are our top 6 tips:

1. Ideally, the centre of mass of a pack should be at waist height.

2. There should be a waist belt to keep the load in place when on the move.

3. Separate compartments to allow heavy items to be packed close to the body.

4. Limit your child’s load; plan ahead so they don’t carry too much. They should never carry more than 10% of their body weight

5. They should take regular short rests when carrying a heavy pack

6. And they are going to hate us for saying this BUT they should always wear their backpack over both shoulders.

Then if they let you, kiss them goodbye and send them off.