If you have ever had an early morning appointment with Milly I’m sure you would have heard her complaining but raving about her growling training program she has completed that morning. And if you are lucky enough to have had her test some of her early morning exercises on you during Pilates classes you would have felt some of her pain. We thought we might shed light on her weekly training program so you know she does practice what she preaches in regards to exercise and health.

It first starts with finding out what you enjoy doing… for some a gym might just not touch the spot so find something that does- swimming, dancing, bike, running.  Pay for in advance so you have to go.  Milly attends a group exercise gym (Linked Training) that is on the way to work…. THE BEST gym is always the one closest to home or on the way to work!

Sunday – Meal Planning- Plan all meals for the week and do the shopping. You wont have to go to the supermarket for the rest of the week and hence wont be tempted to buy those unnecessary treats and snacks. Make a bunch of protein balls (Recipe on site) to feed those sugar cravings for the week.

Monday – Rest Day!

Tuesday – Cardio session and Pilates 45 minutes

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – Strength class AM and yoga PM

Friday – Outdoor session, Pilates 45 minutes and a glass of wine

Saturday – Outdoor session or Yoga and lunch with friends and family