To prepare for the upcoming ski season the TB team would suggest you complete the strengthening exercises 3-4 x weekly. Inclusion of a 30 min session on the exercise bike will also help keep you on the slopes all day. Stretches should be completed pre and post slope sessions- even better on your hot chocolate pit stops up the top of the mountain.


Wall sit

  • Step 1: Hold 1 min/ 2 min /3 min- increase every time you do it.
  • 4 x attempts


Side Jumps

  • Step 1: Squat
  • Step 2: Jump over rolled towel
  • Reps:  x 20  (2 sets)

IMG_4665 IMG_4666

Sit to stand – Single leg

  • Step 1: Sit on chair- don’t cheat by sitting on the edge
  • Step 2: Straighten a leg
  • Step 3: Stand up
  • Reps: x 20 each leg
  • *If you find one side harder – do 2 sets on this side

IMG_4667 IMG_4668