Foam rollers are terrific for myofascial release; they help to treat pain in soft tissue areas, by releasing trigger points, muscle tightness and scar tissue. Pain from trigger points can radiate throughout the body; so it is important to manage the pain as soon as possible. Despite the fact that many people may associate the use of foam rollers with elite athletes, they are in fact, very accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Although using foam rollers often causes a feeling of discomfort with users; the relief that is gained from using it is worth the ‘pain’. Just remember … “No pain, no gain”.  They can be used after injuries to aid in the recovery of muscles, but are also great at correcting your posture and thoracic stiffness.

When using foam rollers, it is important to ensure that you take it slow. Additionally, do not spend too long using the foam roller on each trigger point; in order to prevent bruising or even more damage. Ideally, around 20 seconds should be spent on each trigger point.  This will also improve blood circulation throughout your skin,fascia,muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

There are various exercises pertaining to different areas of the body using foam rollers so it really shouldn’t sit in the corner and collect dust. When you are next with one of our physios ask for some examples and get the best out of your foam roller.

So next time you are feeling a little sore, or are recovering from an injury, foam rollers are a good bet to get you feeling your best quickly.

 Total Balance Physio sells large foam rollers for $55, and small rollers for $35.