This August there is a focus on Tradies Health by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Tradies rely heavily on their bodies to complete their work. Unfortunately they’re over represented in workplace injury statistics. Whilst they make up 30% of the Australian workforce, they represent 3/5 serious workplace injuries (Work Safe Australia, 2014).
The most common work-related injuries are sprains and strain at 42.4% (Work Safe Australia, 2014). Body stress is the most common cause at 40% of compensable injuries (Work Safe Australia, 2014).
Common areas injured include the low back, shoulder, ankle and knee. This is often from completing repetitive, manual, somewhat awkward and heavy labour.
There is a common misconception in trades that injuries are somewhat accepted to be ‘part of the job’.
Thankfully, there is so much that tradies can do to take charge of their health!
As the statistics above show, 40% of injuries are due to body stress. That’s where physiotherapy comes in.
As physiotherapists we are highly trained in injury assessment and management, so if you have been dealing with a niggle, book an appointment for a diagnosis and management plan.
Often management will include a combination of education, rehabilitation to restore movement and strength and manual therapy.
Even better, use physiotherapy as a means to prevent injury. We are trained to give advice on manual handling, risk assessment and hazard identification. We are also able to complete a musculoskeletal screening. This screening is a way to detect areas of the body that could become problematic long-term if not addressed. From that we can implement a program for you to do at home in your own time between work shifts. Maybe you want to try clinical pilates which is essentially exercise-based therapy under close supervision.
There are many variables as tradies that you cannot control, but you can take steps to look after your own health. After all, if your body doesn’t work, you don’t work.
Your sleep, diet and exercise regime are vital components to having a strong, healthy, working body.
Let us help you today.