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What is Essential care?

Physiotherapists are permitted to stay open for face to face appointments for those that need Essential care. When booking an appointment please use the criteria below to make sure it is appropriate. If unsure please don’t hesitate to email us. For this purpose, essential clinical care is defined as: to prevent a significant change/deterioration in functional independence […]

Overcoming Stress in Traumatic Times

Strategies to help you manage stress, worry and anxiety Stress has been a major factor for many in 2020. Bushfires, other natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a myriad of hardships affecting jobs, homes and livelihoods; causing concern for loved ones, as well as directly impacting the health of, and indeed taken the […]

Golf Warm Up Exercises

By: Krystal Evans – Physiotherapist, Level 2 Medical TPI Certified Total Balance Physiotherapy With the anticipated return to golf, we at Total Balance would like you to be ready to get back out onto the course as soon as possible.  With the ongoing weeks of not being able to play and a possibly more sedentary […]

Strength Training for Kids

Strength training is safe and highly beneficial for musculoskeletal development during childhood and adolescence, and as outlined in our previous blog, international guidelines recommend strength training as part of every child’s weekly routine. There are some misguided beliefs around the effects of strength training for children, but the evidence is clear – with appropriate supervision [&hell...

Fish Tacos by Steph Geddes

Serves 4 Ingredients 1⁄2 cup breadcrumbs (use almond meal/quinoa flakes for GF) 1 teaspoon paprikaSalt and pepper1 lime, zested 400g fish (flathead tails/gurnard – or any fish cut into smaller strips). Use chicken tenderloins for no fish or use tofu cut into strips for vegetarian. 8 x tortillas (corn for gf (corn is also authentic […]

Daily Activity Guidelines for Children and Adolescents

By Physiotherapist, Richard Kelly Exercise is important for all of us, but our kids’ development and long term (physical and mental) health depend on it, and our lockdown restrictions might be making it very difficult to keep some of them moving. A prolonged period of physical inactivity during childhood or adolescence can have significant and […]

What does your home desk setup look like?

Workstation set up plays a vital role in both your quality of health and productivity. Win Win really ! Current evidence suggests introducing more walking and movement breaks throughout the day to promote better health and reduce fatigue and pain. So get moving people! With no travel time involved in your day you now have […]

TB’s Community- Next Practice

Dr. Maureen Burke and Paddy the Dogtor, from Next Practice have decided to call BR home. We may be a little bias but we think they have done an amazing job with the location (TBs original site) and feel the Black Rock Village really has lucked out.  Along with her colleagues they are ready to help […]

TB’s Community- The Foot Centre group

With 3 sites in Melbourne these guys already have a huge following and definitely know feet.  They had a go answering our 3 BIG questions and we think you are going to like what they have to say. WHO needs to head to the Foot Centre Group? Everyone essentially! Our feet play a pivotal role and […]