We had the opportunity to attend the Business Chicks 9 to thrive event over the weekend, which I found to be very inspirational and motivational.  We were lucky enough to hear guest speakers such as Lorna Jane, Dr Libby Weaver, Sophie Cachia. Jessica Rowe, Samantha Wills, Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree from Glamazon.  All of these women had incredible stories and plenty of golden nuggets to share.  As stated up on stage “EVERYTHING IS BETTER SHARED”.  I will share some of these nuggets.

Dr Libby Weaver was definitely a stand out speaker for us.  She talked about the importance of ENERGY.  When we don’t have enough energy everything becomes more difficult.  Your energy changes the food you choose. Whether you get up off the couch and move and the conversations you have with others.  When we are exhausted the ripple effect of that in our life is major.   The way that you wake up is a huge amount of detail for your life.  Look at what life is like for you in the afternoon.  Are you going for another coffee, are you reaching for a sugary snack?.  Instead of grabbing for the external things, think about what’s going on inside.
Lorna Jane’s Active living philosophy is MOVE, NOURISH and BELIEVE.  It is important for us to move our body’s everyday.   Going for a half an hour walk is a great starting point.  Getting up out of your office chair every half hour to 40 mins to stretch or go for a quick walk around the office is very beneficial.  While exercise is important, so is what you fuel your body with.  Nourishing your body with sustainable plant foods, greens and good organic sustainable meats is highly beneficial for gut and brain health, while always maintaining hydration – 2 to 3 litres of water a day. Last but definitely not least is Believe in yourself.  Believe that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it