1. Spread the load. Every year around the end of term 2 we start seeing a lot of kids with growing pains such as Severs disease or Osgood Schlatter condition. Many of these could be prevented by distributing training and comp games evenly over the week. With the school sport demand high and most kids having outside school sport commitments it ends up that they are going from one sport to the other every night of the week. We would rather they be moving than sitting on the couch but Growing pains can bring your little ones to tears. The best way to manage their sporting load is to have them pick one sport per term.

2. Correct Shoe wear. Make sure the kids are going to school, play dates, training, and game days with supportive shoes. Spending a little extra money on properly fitted shoes will save you money later on with physiotherapy and podiatry appointments.

3. If the kids are in pain ICE and introduce massage treatment to the muscles that are struggling to cope. Growing pain occurs when your child’s bones are growing faster than their muscles. They are already on stretch so don’t continue to stretch them… they will only get more upset.