Monthly Archives: April, 2015

TB Health Tips – Video Series

Introducing the first instalment of Total Balance health tips. A short series of video tips that will assist your everyday wellbeing & physical fitness. “Improve your posture” will demonstrate the archer stretch, which is one of our favourites for those sitting at the desk all day. Stay tuned for many more! Milly & TB team […]

Community Involvement: Sponsorship Update

Total Balance was actively involved this summer with sponsoring the Black Rock Life Saving Club, supporting our little nippers! Our logo can we found on the back of all the nippers t-shirts and Milly individually cheered all 300 kids as they received their awards. If you are interested in some fun activities for your kiddies […]

3 Quick tips on preventing GROWING pains for your kids

1. Spread the load. Every year around the end of term 2 we start seeing a lot of kids with growing pains such as Severs disease or Osgood Schlatter condition. Many of these could be prevented by distributing training and comp games evenly over the week. With the school sport demand high and most kids […]

Benefits of correct ergonomic set up and using a lumbar roll

People who sit for prolonged periods of time may find themselves slouching and experiencing back pain. Sitting at a desk with correct posture can minimise lower back pain. There are many ways to correct posture while sitting down, such as adjusting the height of your chair, level of computer, and using a support cushion, such […]