A Physiotherapy bike fit assessment is hugely beneficial to most cyclists, from the beginner who wants an initial bike setup and technique assessment to the seasoned cyclist who is looking to recover from or prevent injury and improve performance or cycling economy. A bike fit assessment targets your comfort on the bike, positioning to minimise injury and maximise performance. At Total Balance we believe a good bike fit is essential when starting out in cycling to address your comfort on the bike and therefore your overall enjoyment. By starting out your cycling journey in the best position for you on the bike you will set up good muscle recruitment patterns and reduce your overall injury risk.

How does it work?

There are two parts to a physiotherapy cycling assessment:

  1. Cycling musculoskeletal Assessment
  2. A cycling musculoskeletal assessment takes into account your body’s flexibility and strength in relation to the biomechanical demands of cycling. Following the assessment you will receive a custom exercise program to address any imbalances.

Bicycle Fit Assessment

The bike assessment involves taking measurements of your current bike setup and evaluating these against your specific measurements and movement capacity. We then use video analysis to assess how you integrate with your bike in a static seated position and while cycling. At the clinic we have a wind trainer which allows you to pedal your bike in a stationary balanced position.

Adjustments will be made to your bike setup on the day as possible but if major mechanical work or new parts are required, we will write a referral for you with specific recommendations for your local bike shop to assist.

What is the duration and cost of the service?

We have a few options to best suit your needs. We recommend a single appointment of 2.5 hours for the cycling musculoskeletal assessment and bicycle fit as this allows us to better target your individual focus areas.


2.5 hour combined cycling musculoskeletal assessment and bike fit $280

1 hour bike fit follow up $140

*Please note bike fit follow up is only appropriate for a client who has had a bike fit in the previous 6 months.

What do I need to bring/ wear?

Your bike – clean and in good working order

  1. Your bike shoes – cleats clean and screws adjustable/flat pedals and runners accepted also
  2. Cycling shorts
  3. Close fitting top – ideally a different colour to your shorts
  4. Any investigation reports related to injuries

Who will perform my bike fit?

Karen Shaw and Hannah Geelan are our Physiotherapy bike fitters. Both Karen and Hannah have undertaken Physiotherapist specific bike fit training course and are passionate about improving people’s cycling experience through increased comfort, efficiency and performance.

How long will it take to reap the rewards?

This is something that will be different for everyone. The more frequent you ride the quicker you will see results. Some people immediately feel more comfortable whereas others can be so used to their previous position they may find their new fit ‘strange’ or ‘uncomfortable’ initially. We recommend you persist through this transition period as the rewards will come. It can be normal to initially drop some power or speed (some will gain speed straight away purely from being in a better position), but generally in 6-12 weeks from the bike fit you will adapt to your new position and your muscles will become efficient in the new position.

What follow up do I need?

This will vary depending on your individual requirements, injury status and cycling goals – we recommend you discuss this at your appointment.

Can I claim this on my health insurance?

If you have private health insurance you should be able to claim a rebate from your fund, we recommend you to contact your fund in advance to determine this. We take no responsibility for your health fund approving or declining your claim for a physiotherapy bike fit.