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Thank you for helping us keep TB’s community strong physically and mentally. 

What does your home desk setup look like?

Workstation set up plays a vital role in both your quality of health and productivity. Win Win really ! Current evidence suggests introducing more walking and movement breaks throughout the day to promote better health and reduce fatigue and pain. So get moving people! With no travel time involved in your day you now have […]

TB’s Community- Next Practice

Dr. Maureen Burke and Paddy the Dogtor, from Next Practice have decided to call BR home. We may be a little bias but we think they have done an amazing job with the location (TBs original site) and feel the Black Rock Village really has lucked out.  Along with her colleagues they are ready to help […]

TB’s Community- The Foot Centre group

With 3 sites in Melbourne these guys already have a huge following and definitely know feet.  They had a go answering our 3 BIG questions and we think you are going to like what they have to say. WHO needs to head to the Foot Centre Group? Everyone essentially! Our feet play a pivotal role and […]

TB’s referral community – Shift natural medicine

We can’t get enough of the ladies at Shift and are so grateful for all the care they give our TB community not to mention the staff at TB.  We asked them our 3 Key questions and really think you will want to read their answers. WHO needs to head to Shift? Our patients come […]

Our top 6 tips for fitting a School bag.

With kids these days having to carry their whole bedroom to school each day you can understand why they complain of back pain. So tomorrow when the kids are running out the door stop them and make sure their school bag a) has only the necessary items in there and b) fitted correctly. These are our […]

4 Quick questions for our new Myotherapist, Kelly.

What is the best aspect of being a Myotherapist? That I can assist my clients to get back to their lives pain free. My goal for all clients first is pain relief, then restore movement and provide education (including home care) so that the pain does not return. Which injuries do you prefer treating? I […]

How a flow mindset can help you achieve your goals, and how you can get it. By Tim Henry, Aspire Planning

  “Flow” is something that is highly sought after.  Athletes pay sport psychologists big money to help them find and replicate flow in their mindset. We are told that if we “go with the flow” that things will work out naturally in our favour. So what is flow? Flow is used to describe a state […]

#tbteam 2020 GOALs

We asked some of our staff what their goals are for 2020. Have a read below for some inspiration …      1. Declutter 2. Volunteer for an organisation 3. Learn a new skill- running??? 4. Move the body every day 5. Get better at meal prep 6. Eat more plants. 1. Finish the Melbourne […]

New Year Intentions

Total Balance’s idea of Health and how to reset FACT: Everyone has the intention of improving their health on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, however things get in the way and it’s often the FIRST thing that gets put to the side. Career demands, family and financial reasons are all factors that we allow to affect […]